I want to talk about my enemies today. Just like anyone else, in the course of my life I’ve wronged and been wronged countless times; most of them I’ve forgiven or forgotten, or both. But two of them I could not, do not, and will not forgive, nor forget. Every night I close my eyes I see their faces, their nasty expressions, and the events in which they undermined me for their own good.

Both of them were people I met at workplace. One of them was my boss, and the other one was a manager. As they held positions of power, it was their habit to torture their underlings. I had my probation extended, I was removed from my position without legitimate reasons, and I was sacked like a piece of junk. Think about it, what would you feel when you went to the office on a Monday morning as usual, but then you saw a cardboard box on your desk, and your computer was already removed. No previous warnings, no signs, no nothing. Being fired in that manner does not only destroy a person’s job, a person’s career; it also destroys a person’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

So I was deeply depressed, I wanted to end my life. I thought, “If I could become a ghost after I die, I will haunt them to death.” I hate them, I loathe them. I crave vengeance, I crave retaliation. But then I asked myself, why it has to be me who should lose my life, while their reign of terror goes on? No, I should not die so soon, at least not from my own hands like a coward’s act. I shall live to see karma plays its part in their lives, and I shall drink from their blood and tears.

Now I have their names shown on the wall of my room. Every time I want to give up, I look up and think about them.


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