5 Signs that You’re an Inconsiderate Jerk

1. You always yell so loudly and claim that you’re only whispering.

2. You always let your kids run AND scream in restaurants like they’re preparing for a bloody triathlon.

3. You never hold the door open for others. Instead, you always attempt to let it bang at their faces and find it amusing.

4. You never understand the meaning and purpose of queuing.

5. You believe you have the right to act as you like, and you never think you’re an inconsiderate jerk.


8 thoughts on “5 Signs that You’re an Inconsiderate Jerk”

      1. Not easy …. start with myself I guess. If I ever catch myself being a bit douchey I’ll try to hold my horses … maybe if enough people try to become nicer people there will be a real cultural shift and it becomes uncool to be the jerk. And then people won’t wanna be jerks anymore…

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

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      2. “maybe if enough people try to become nicer people there will be a real cultural shift and it becomes uncool to be the jerk”

        Yes, that’s what I hoped before. But then I realized that some people are just entirely hopeless that nothing can make them feel ashamed about themselves and change their jerky behavior. Perhaps the only way for this kind of jerks is to impose fear upon them lol.

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      3. A very interesting thought – yes there’s always that jerky out there, no? I believe we can’t control other people, we can only control ourselves. Be as it may that we hope that other people will change, the truth is we don’t have power to change their behaviour – it has to come from a willingness to change on their own. I agree that imposing fear can have an effect – that’s why we have laws to prevent or encourage certain behaviours. But ultimately if people deep down still want to (or need to) commit certain actions they will do so – thus the presence of illegal activities and underground worlds in places where imposing fear is the main machine to control people’s behaviours.


  1. I’ve dated at least four of this type.

    I realize I’ve had bad taste. ‘Tis why I have decided to become a nun. Except for the being Catholic part and living in a nunnery and… well… all the nun stuff.

    I’ll be a Jedi instead.

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