Everybody wants something from you

If you’re working as a PR or a marketer you’ll totally understand this. It happens every time when you reach out to your contacts, and by saying “something” in the title it usually means everything in reality. I know there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but when your contacts all hold the false belief that you’re actually a charity organization, disaster happens.

So if you’re promoting a new product, say a moisturizer, you should prepare 10 testers plus a full set of the entire beauty collection for each contact.

If you’re promoting a new website, you should ask your boss to prepare his or her wallet. Placing an almost-invisible tiny square banner on a blog with less than a thousand traffic per month? That’s a few hundred bucks per month, thanks for your business.

If you’re promoting a new restaurant, you should give your contacts free meals for at least one month. And mind you, your contacts have to eat at least four times a day, and they’re going to invite their families, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and strangers they meet on the street.

If you’re promoting a new group tour service, you should offer a free round of tour plus the flight tickets to and from the destination. And if your contacts aren’t flying first class, brace yourself for negative reviews.


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