What if the internet is gone tomorrow?

The internet, we’ve got so used to it, so obsessed with it. But what if everything’s gone tomorrow?

Okay it’s just a question; it might not actually happen.

But what if it did happen? What if some extraterrestrials were gonna unveil the dark truth that, everything about our omnipotent internet was just part of their scam, their social experiment, or simply an idea that was implanted into our minds?

Do you know, or remember, how people communicate two decades ago? No internet, no IMs, no smartphones. No breakups over emails or text messages. No no-shows at the last second without a decent phone call. No awkward moments at the restaurant because your date is busy crushing candy or hunting monsters in some virtual world. And no annoying yada-yada from me, “the hater of them all.”

But I would probably show up at least 10 minutes early, anxiously waiting for you at the coffee shop. I would probably have a nice long discussion with you about a book I read, a movie I saw, a song I heard, or a reflection of life. After the date, I would probably call you again, or I would not. But I would probably record everything in a hand-written journal, and I would still treasure every moment written in it many years later.


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