Your Writing Life, Revealed

If you’re more or less bored during the middle of another static week, you can play the dice-rolling game created by L.A. Times (again, if you have already played before) to experience the hard life of being a writer while discovering your not-yet-discovered eminence. I got Shakespeare on my first play, which wasn’t scientific, so I decided to try again.

This time, I faced obstacles like “MFA loans are due GO BACK 3 (-10 pts) to Take job in bookstore (2 pts)” and “Manuscript rejected GO BACK 2 (-5 pts) to Write (1 pt)“, before hitting “Finalist for L.A. Times Book Prize! (2 pts)” and “Hit bestseller list (10 pts)“. And my result is…
“You scored 25 points. You’re Ayn Rand: You have some avid fans, but even more critics.”
It’s a nice one for me. Though I can’t say I’m an avid fan of Rand, I happen to love one of her quotes:


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