Where’s the blood and gore @ Kill Bill Funko POP! Vinyl Figures

I LOVE Funko POP! figures. Their creations, when done nicely, can depict the best (and of course the worst) facets of the characters. But unfortunately, for the upcoming Kill Bill line to be released in November, it’s a swing of the sword at a totally wrong direction. Or the sword hasn’t been swung at all, because there’s NO BLOOD. Not even a tiny single drop of it. The figures are clean and cute, which make them perfectly suitable for kids. I mean, since when Mr. Quentin Tarantino has put aside his beautiful violence and joined the league of cuteness? Or had red paint run out when the designers were doing the coloring?


O-ren is already the best one. Hey, they bothered to put some freckles on her face. But what’s wrong with the pure white, gore-less kimono? Didn’t she fight against The Bride? Or has she taken over The Bride’s place finally so she’s wearing a shiromuku?


Didn’t our Bride have longer hair?



There’s not even my favorite “Californian Mountain Snake” Elle Driver. I know, I know, she’s going to be included in the next installment, if any – but with Funko’s disastrous take of Kill Bill Vol.1, I won’t dare to think about it.

And this is definitely not the first time for Funko to destroy someone. Look what they’ve done to Patrick.



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